Sport at Aspley SHS


Get Active Program

Sport at Aspley State High School is underpinned by our 'Get Active Program'. This program is designed to enrich and promote an active lifestyle to our students by providing quality sporting and recreation activities. We offer a divers range of sporting and recreational activities and opportunities through our Two-Tier system. The tiers allow us to cater for a range of personalities and sporting success.

Tier 1 Sports:

Aspley State High School is a member of the Central District Sport and the Metropolitan North region. Students who attend ASHS are offered opportunities to trial and compete in a broad range of sports which have pathways leading through to a National level. Tier one sports are those sports that are supported by curriculum programs and often have pathways in interschool sport competitions at a district or wider level.

Athletics, Basketball, Football (Soccer), Cross Country, Netball, Swimming, Touch Football and Volleyball

For more information on our Excellence Program (Aspley Eagles Football Academy), please click here

Tier 2 Sports:

Aspley State High School offers a range of Recreational Sports and Activities, which are inclusive and enjoyable, and have been selected to offer students opportunities to either increase skill level, provide access to friendly social interaction and competition, enjoyment, and physical and mental activity. These options vary from season to season based on interest, and year level.  

Recreational Sports: Basketball, Court Sports, Football, Gym, Netball, Swimming, Touch Football and Volleyball, Fitness Club (Physical fitness training), Chess, and Mind Games (Strategy based games)

External Sports: Chermside Splash (Pool), Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Ten Pin Bowling, Wizards Basketball

Core Sports:  This is designed for Year 7 students, to provide them with access to a variety of sports that they may not of encounter before. Many students have expressed an interest in developing their confidence and skill levels in some of our four Tier 1 Sports: Basketball, Football, Touch Football or Volleyball. Separating Year 7’s into specific sports in the summer or winter seasons, allows them to try sports without having older students present. Year 7 students who are confidant with sport can elect to play on interschool sport teams in the summer or winter seasons. Recreational, and external sports are not available to Year 7 until the spring season in August.


All staff and students who attend Aspley State High School are connected to one of our four houses. These houses are used for major sporting carnivals including Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Along with our carnivals, students take part in multiple inter-house competitions throughout the year.

Florey.jpgFLOREY (Last names A to D)

Hinkler.jpgHINKLER (Last names E to K)

Melba.jpgMELBA (Last names L to Q)

Kenny.jpgKENNY (Last name R to Z)

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Last reviewed 30 November 2021
Last updated 30 November 2021